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How to Describe Vehicles–Cars, Boats, Planes, More

This is updated from the last posting on this topic on 7/15/11. If you’re character is crossing a street, driving to work, waiting for a visitor, you’ll devote a few words to the vehicle that’s making this activity happen. It might be a car, a train, plane–whatever. My collection is brief, but rich. As usual, … Continue reading

Characteristics That Make Your Character Memorable
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Characteristics That Make Your Character Memorable

When you’re building a character, you need to know the characteristics that make him the person your reader will get to know. It’s a lot more than physical–it’s what motivates his/her actions. What inspires him/her? What causes this character to be a good Samaritan or look the other way? That essence is what makes him/her … Continue reading

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113 Ways to Characterize Your Protagonist

There are a lot of words that describe you and I at different times during the day. Our job as writers is to notice what those moods and attitudes are and put a word to them so readers will feel them. ‘Sad’ doesn’t have enough depth, but ‘bitter’, ‘stricken’, ‘grieved’, and heartsick’ all tell us … Continue reading

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What’s Trending on WordDreams

I  calculate What’s Trending on my blog by which of my posts are popular a particular ninety-day period. Here’s this period’s run-down: 51 Great Similes to Spark Imagination 178 Ways to Describe Women’s Clothing 35 Weird Traits Your Characters May Have How to Describe a Landscape How to Describe Nature One-Word Characteristics to Spice Up Your Writing How to Describe Dogs How … Continue reading