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My Character is Sick–How to Show (Not Tell) Illness

Fiction writing is about communicating as much as possible within the story line. Every writing class you take will exhort you to show not tell. As Samuel Clemens said, “Don’t tell us that the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.” You will often have your characters become sick in the novel. … Continue reading

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178 Ways to Describe Women’s Clothing

There are so many terms for women’s clothing, they boggle the mind–dolmen sleeves, pencil skirt, choker, colorblock. The best conjure up colorful images that share with a few words a glorious picture that sticks in your mind as the character walks through the scene. Unfortunately, they don’t always come to mind as you’re writing. Not … Continue reading

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9 Reasons Why Readers Stop Reading

I rarely stop reading a book once I’ve started. Once I’ve committed, I hate to think I’ve wasted the time already spent and, anyway, the story surely will improve or it wouldn’t have been published. There are nine reasons why I do stop, though. Characters aren’t likable. Plot develops too slowly Plot is too complicated. … Continue reading