Writers Tips #78: 8 Writing Tricks You Won’t Read Anywhere Else
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Writers Tips #78: 8 Writing Tricks You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

I got these suggestions from an internet class I never signed up for. One day, they began arriving in my inbox, bit by bit for the full term of some college’s semester. Students submitted stories for grading, essays for peer review, questions to a discussion board of fellow-students. The anonymous professor had a down-to-earth approach … Continue reading

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How To Describe Your Character’s Appearance in a Phrase

UPDATE This is the ninth in the “How to Write Descriptions” series. When you’re writing about your protagonist, you want the reader to see them–their clothes, shoes, the scarf they wear, that old-fashioned belt buckle that shines in the sunlight. These images will engage readers in the plot as they watch a movie inside their … Continue reading

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25 Take-aways from the Richard Bausch workshop

I just finished a fourteen-week workshop with internationally-renowned writer of fiction and short stories, Richard Bausch. What I hoped to get was tips on how to improve my writing from a man who knows. After all, he’s published eleven books, an untold number of stories, is the editor of the prestigious Norton Anthology of Short … Continue reading

What’s Trending on WordDreams
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What’s Trending on WordDreams

In the past quarter, I’ve posted about 40 articles on topics ranging from writer resources, how-to’s, descriptors, and opinions. I like to step back a few times a year and determine what readers are most interested in. WordPress makes that easy with their statistics. Here’s this period’s run-down: 51 Great Similes to Spark Imagination 178 Ways … Continue reading

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How to Write Descriptions People Want to Read: Nature

This is the next in the “How to Write Descriptions” series. I like to collect descriptions other people have of life. I keep them on a big spreadsheet that I’m constantly updating. I read a lot and I pay attention to how my fellow authors get their ideas across, how they create pictures of scenery … Continue reading

How to Write Descriptions People Want to Read: an African Landscape
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How to Write Descriptions People Want to Read: an African Landscape

How do you communicate to Western world readers the uncivilized, nature-controlled land that is Africa. If your story includes an African setting, you must get that untamed, mysterious feel across or you lose credibility. Here are a few books you can read that will drench you in the scents and colors of Africa: In the … Continue reading