Edit block

I’m editing my novel. I have been on the same chapter for over a week. Just doesn’t sound right. But I do keep getting distracted. First by work, but now I’m on vacation until after Thanksgiving. Now, I have another distraction. I have a small website with a few books for sale that I’ve written. Almost no one visits, and I have yet to get a book order.

Until today. The money showed up in my PayPal account. Now I have to figure out how to ship the book. It’s a three-ring binder, so a padded envelope doesn’t work. I spent a couple hours finding affordable boxes (anywhere between $.50 and $1), ordering a few in small amounts. Then I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out online postage. All sorts of rules and stuff, but if I have to take every book order to the post office, there’s no sense selling the book.

I finished that and decided to start my blog. Anyone who’s sold a book should have a blog, right? OK. There’s another few hours, checking out blog sites. Writing this. Now it’s well and truly time to go back to editing the Novel.

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