editing / headaches


Well, that headache took a while to leave. Pounding and throbbing, and sleeping! I hate imitrex, but what’s a girl to do? Puts me to sleep and takes my headache away, but what can I do when I’m asleep. Argh!!! So I spent yesterday sitting in a chair, napping and reading a book that didn’t challenge my mental processes.

And, I started a diet at the same time. The Atkins diet. It works great for my husband, so I’m giving it a try. So far, one day into it, I’m not hungry, just lackadaisical (sp?) . I’m not attached to any foods, so I don’t care that I can’t eat bread or rice or fruit. Tuna fish is fine.

I’m a tad discouraged about my writing. Been editing and fixing and sending samples to editors, and nothing. Nothing. I have my books up on Amazon and no interest. My website gets the occasional visitor, but only one buyer. No money going into my PayPal account and no emails worth anything on my business email account. This is frustrating. It’s hard to keep editing when I’m not sure I’m making it any better. I think I’ll kick back and wait until it comes.

Got some good ideas from my brother. He’s a Naval Commander and really knows about hunting submarines, so we spent a good bit of the family holiday talking.


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