It’s my Birthday

Happy day, me! I’m on the Atkins Diet, so I can’t go out to eat. My husband’s sleeping, so that kills that. My daughter sent me sunflowers. They are gorgeous! One of my favorite blooms. I’ll see her at Xmas for a bit. My son was a sweetheart, too, but birthdays have Navy beat Notre Dame. I lived to see it.changed a lot since childhood.

Actually, I don’t even like celebrating them. I don’t want to be the center of attention. I get more people-phobic every year. Odd how well I play act as a teacher. I have no problems talking to the parents of students, or groups there. Nothing nervous at all about teaching.

I checked PayPal again. No money showed up. I’ll check again later.

The Republican debates… Hmmm… I like Huckabee more each day and CNN less. How can they profess to offer up the news if they can’t google their questioners. Anderson Cooper has never been good at off-the-cuff. Why have him run the debate? I was waiting for Hillary-type fireworks, but nothing. Pretty controlled and on point.

I haven’t gotten back to my writing. I have to figure out this problem with exactly and believably how the subs are infected and found. I may have that OK, with a nice twist, but I don’t think I make a big enough deal out of it. I’m pondering, see what rises to the top of my brain.


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