Selling on Amazon

I sold two more books! I guess I occasionally have to go into my Advantage Yippee!account and check on sales. These showed up a day before Amazon sent a replacement order. Made my day yesterday. Now they want 9 books. I ordered boxes for up to five, but nine will be a new economic challenge. Not to mention I have to get the books from POD. All the labor required for this makes my wages about $1 an hour and profit minuscule. If I can prove there’s a market, I’m hoping a publisher will take the book on. One said they would… We’ll see. I had another publisher love my writing and suggest changes that took a year to make. When I sent the revisions, he said they were no longer publishing that genre.


Today, I’ll devote to working on my historic fiction novel. Maybe creative nonfiction, but it’s hard to categorize. It’s where my heart is, but probably has the smallest of audiences. Casey’s here, watching, keeping me company. When things get tense, I rub his fur. Love this dog!


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