Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas Eve. My children are both home, and happy to be. My husband cooked dinner–a turducken with broccoli and homemade cheesecake (It’s gone). I love my life sometimes. Sure, no one ever visits my website, and sure, Amazon

I love gifts

didn’t log my last shipment of books, so I haven’t sold any all week. And sure, I’m only to page 64 editing (after editing and re-editing it already) my paleo-history book.

That’s little stuff. My husband was out of work for years and we survived. I got a job outside of my industry when I really had to. College isn’t costing me an arm and a leg as I had feared–one goes to USNA and that’s paid for by you the taxpayer, and one lives at home and goes to UCI (a state school!).

Each day that passes brings me closer to the end of the novel writing competition I entered–Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. January something and I’ll know so I can mentally move on. Tonight, I’m going to work a little more on my novel, then watch a movie with my daughter.

And pet the dogs.


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