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Building a Midshipman

Who woulda thunk, I’m still selling one a day. None through my website. I love Amazon! In truth, I don’t know how anyone finds me. There are a thousand hits for getting into the Naval Academy, and I’m toward the bottom. How do they get through all the other guys to me? I am now ranked higher in Amazon sales than my competitors, but Amazon makes it clear that isn’t entirely indicative of anything. I did get posted bam-cover01.jpgon one website, and I imagine that’s how. Any ideas?

I could use some positive reviews. I wonder how I can get people to add them when I don’t know who’s buying them. Another conundrum, but a fair one.

Interestingly enough, I also sold several of my technology books. Only one of each, but those too are impossible to find on Amazon. Harder than Building a Midshipman, because they sell less (which I’m guessing Amazon then lists them lower).

On another note, I have about 40 hours left of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I think I’m OK with not being picked–I feel like I am. No stress, no stomach aches, no headaches. I guess I’ll see when I don’t get that email and everyone else does and then I have no reason to lurk on the boards anymore.  Anyone else waiting, with unbaited breath?


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