Book contests

Recovered, kinda

OK, I think I’ve recovered enough to post my failure. I thought I was prepared, but I guess not. I’m talkingdogrun.gif about the Amazon Break-through Novel Award. I love my novel, but it’s an unlikely genre–paleohistory. Not too many people interested in that. The most likely comment I get at my critique groups is, not my area of interest, but it sounds good the way you write it. So, I expected the judges to feel the same.

And still, it’s been three days of recovering, getting myself back together after not even garnering a spot where 20% of my competitors won. Maybe I need a break, switch to the new novel I’m only as far as researching. It’s interesting, maybe it’ll reawaken my creativity.

Maybe just some distance will. I deleted the link to ABNA’s forums from my toolbar. That helped.

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