Why McCain doesn’t bother me

Actually, I’m not sure why he bothers my fellow conservatives so completely. Rush Limbaugh–Anne Coulter! How could she pick Clinton over McCain if she’s truly a Republican.

How can we get anything done if we refuse to meet others part-way there? Sure, I think I’m always right, but after surveying my fellow mankind for fifty years, I’m pretty sure everyone else thinks they’re always right, too, so how do we get anything done? I’m not a dictator, or autocrat. That’s no fun. I kinda like the fact that McCain gets along with the nutty liberals because I don’t get them at all. Every time I talk to them I want to slap some sense into them, but he actually sees value in them. Which is good because they control Congress.

Which is bad, because Congress hasn’t done anything since they took over.

I like Romney but he might be too inexperienced. I like Obama but he is too inexperienced, and too liberal. We aren’t socialist and we espouse a capitalist economic approach, so we can’t spread the nation’s wealth evenly among all. I visited the Soviet Union when Americans still thought it was a powerhouse and the economy just didn’t work.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. I wonder how I’ll feel Wednesday morning. Another reason to have a headache? If you’re feeling important, check this picture out to put yourself back in perspective.


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