How to get me to vote for Obama

On the surface, Barak Obama seems pretty good. He’s charismatic, much as Bill Clinton was. He’s a positive sort of guy. Doesn’t tear down. I love that–it’s refreshing. I am overly disgusted with the lack of respect we-all have for each other any more.

OK, I know there’s more. He’s good looking, but that’s not required for a presidential candidate. He’s an excellent speaker, Harvard educated, but Abraham Lincoln worked a farm before becoming President. Different times, I know, but I try to keep an open mind. Harvard… I don’t know. I keep remembering how the students struck so the University would pay the maintenance people more, which came from parents’ pockets. I think demands should impact you, not someone else. That makes it too easy.

Here are my questions about him, all solvable, but these are the obstacles to my vote:

  • He’s inexperienced. Just a few years in Congress. That goes to the heart of his claim of being an outsider, but I can’t help but feel he harps on that because of his lack of experience, not because it’s an asset to being President. How do you get things done if you don’t know the process? We’ve all been there, in our jobs. You gotta understand the politics to get things done
  • He’s one of the most liberal members of Congress and that’s how he votes. He stands at the fringe of opinion and is unrepentent. How will he reach consensus as President if he’s pushing a fringe agenda? That’s a reason I’m OK with McCain. I don’t think he’s betrayed Conservative agendas by voting with the Democrats and co-sponsoring bills with them. I think he’s compromising, which is what Democracy is about.
  • I don’t know how he would pay for what he wants to do. I’d like all that stuff that makes a life work, but how do we afford it? France and England couldn’t, so what’s he going to do differently?construc.gif
  • Why do African Americans vote lock-step for him? Every other cultural group is mixed, but they’re 90%, 85%, whatever, for him. That shouldn’t be. That’s a mob mentality. That’s hero worship without considering the facts.
  • Why does he want to pull the troops out of Iraq? Yes, we all want to end the war, but then what he wants is to end the deaths of our troops. Which is what McCain says. If he wants to pull the troops completely out of Iraq, why not Germany and Korea and all the other places we station them to keep the peace and help other nations? Is that part of the agenda?

That’s it for the moment. I’m pretty sure if he could solve those, I’d be comfortable with him in charge of my present and my future. BTW, my gif refers to my thinking on our next president, nothing else.


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