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Best laid Plans ‘gang aft aglay’

Yes, I understand that Robert Burns actually said ‘ schemes’, but we mortal modern men have warped it to a new understanding. In my case, my wonderful plans for my week off of school are ‘nought but grief an’ pain’, For promis’d joy!dog_in_a_chair.gif

My ‘promised joy’ was a week working on my novel. I was so on a role. I finally got into my character and the plot. As I started over from the beginning, of the book I was in her head, knowing what she’d be thinking with each plot twist. Exactly as one would hope writing a novel would be. Surely this is how the Great Ones–Michener, Hemingway–wrote?

I did promise to go to movies with friends, so that blew up Monday. Funny how a two-hour movie can take five or six hours. Chatting, lunch, stuff. By the time I got home, I had to make dinner. And, I’m tired earlier with my rheumatoid arthritis than in my youth, so while I did get a few hours in before retiring, not nearly what I had planned.

Today, though surely, would work. That, of course, was after my Remicade transfusion. In itself, it takes 2-3 hours, and then I had to find a ride there and back. That added time. Once I got home and started, I got stuck right away, because I wasn’t in the zone and not quite so sure of what I was writing. It took me two hours to research my way through Trident submarines and exactly how powerful they are.subrise.gif

Then came the IPod. I’ve been ignoring mine. I uploaded music a few months ago and left it. They’re not as easy to use as they sound. My husband bought one because he’s traveling more, and nothing but trouble with that thing. Couldn’t get the program to install. Couldn’t get the music I had in the file to load. That’s another three hours–I know you-all could have done it faster!–and now I’m disgusted. Another day lost.

I have only tomorrow now, because we’re off to Annapolis Thursday to see my daughter. My plan tomorrow is to spend the entire day doing nothing but writing and editing. This time for sure.


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