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National Writers Workshop

It’s coming up again–April 26th at Cal State Fullerton. I’ve gone for the last two years and found it great both times. It is heavily weigted toward newspaper journalism, but there’s a lot to be learned about writing regardless. The speakers are successful, erudite, knowledgeable in their fields, and the attendees are like me–enthusiastic about writing despite limited financial success. They seem to agree that money isn’t the harbinger of accomplishment.

This year, there appear to be a more varied panel. A blogger, a website manager, someone who will discuss how to pitch a book idea. I’m looking forward to spending a day immersed in all things writing and chatting with kindred souls. The $50 includes lunch–where is there a better deal anywhere? mm-01.gif

One thing I don’t understand is why writers are so resoundingly liberal? I understand idealism, humanity–part of what successful novels do is delve into the emotional reasons why people do things. But why does that preclude the logic? Why does that mean we can’t consider the financial implications of humanitarian principles, or the workability of universal health care?

Another thing I don’t understand is why liberals are pro-life rather than pro-choice. Aren’t they for freedom of thought, allowing everyone to be themselves and make their own decisions. I’m pro-choice, but my choice is pro-life. If people understand issues, I believe they’ll make the right choice–which of course of to save a life. Why should we have to mandate it?

So, whoever has these answers, come find me at the National Writers Workshop at CSU Fullerton. I’ll probably be the only conservative in the crowd.


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