What’s Too Old to be President

I don’t agree with everything John McCain says. In fact, his stands on a few issues–i.e., immigration–could persuade me to vote for someone else, if I find another candidate more closely aligned with my opinions. If he can’t control his temper, it will hurt our negotiations with friend and foe alike.

One characteristic is not among them: his age. Lots of people come into their own late in life. Look at this list:

  • Winston Churchill led the British government in World War II at 66.
  • Charles de Gaulle was elected president of France at 69
  • Ronald Reagan became president at 69
  • Benjamin Franklin helped write the Constitution at 81.
  • Claude Monet finished painting his famous Water Lily series at 85.
  • Leopold Stokowski signed a six-year recording contract at 94.
  • Pianist Arthur Rubinstein performed professionally until 90.
  • Pablo Casals was playing the cello at age 95

There are reasons why John McCain isn’t the perfect candidate, but his age isn’t one of them.


2 thoughts on “What’s Too Old to be President

  1. How did I find you… I was trying to intellectually understand Obama’s appeal and your blog came up. It caught my attention because you’re graduating from an East Coast school and coming West, as is my daughter. In May. Life is interesting like that.

    I don’t disagree with your warning about age combined with other factors. I’ve seen some pretty ugly results of that.

    Good luck with SF!


  2. worddreams –
    Thanks for your comment on my post! How did you find my little piece of cyberspace, anyway? I’m glad I didn’t outright offend you. I know age is just a number, but it is a number that means different things to and for different people. I would never doubt someone’s ability to do anything based solely on their age. But, as I said, I think when you combine age with other factors, you start to run into problems. I hope life finds you well at your age, whatever that might be, and know that this 30-something… is 22 🙂


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