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Summer’s Here

Time to do something for myself. I love writing. I’ve written several books. My nonfiction titles sell OK, but my website is a bust. I get few visitors. I’m going to spend the summer doing four things:

  • feeding my passion for writing. I have a book that’s pretty much researched, outlined, ready for beefing up and editing. Going to my character’s prehistoric world brings me a lot of peace. Their problems during the Pleistocene are so different from ours, but their problem-solving is just like us. (Note my previous posts on prehistoric man. I spend a lot of time reading about their lives). They were very clever mammals who came up with fire, clothing, weapons. All we’ve done as H. sapiens is build on that.
  • research a techno-thriller I’m dying to write. It’s the sequel to one I’ve already completed, but hopefully better as I’ve improved at my craft.
  • This next one I don’t want to do: send out more query letters on my completed work. It one a first prize in a writing contest, so I’ll add that tidbit to the intro page. Maybe every writer has won one contest. I find this bullet depressing. They’re all rejections! I’ll have to do this one carefully so it doesn’t kill my enthusiasm for writing.
  • work on my self-marketing since I can’t find an agent. I bought Penny Sansevieri’s book Red Hot Internet Publicity on the rec of a friend. I’ll see if she can help me

So what are you doing this summer?

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