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Top Five Steps to Marketing your Books this Summer

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If you’ve read earlier blogs, you know I’ve written seven books, six on computer education for K-5 and one on getting into the USNA. Here’s what I’m doing this summer to spread the word about the books I’ve written.

  1. Tweak my publisher’s presentation of my work. I’m at Structured Learning. They haven’t changed the presentation of my books for a while and from what I’ve read, it’s important to make changes to web material. That’s what draws interest from the spiders and bots. And, I want to make sure the message is focused, clear, uncluttered.
  2. Set up my own author’s website, a repository of all I write–my books, teaching and blogs. It has to be free so that will limit my choices. Google gives away free websites, but the addresses are so convoluted–who would ever find me? There’s gotta be a better way
  3. Start a blog. Well, I’m doing that, but I need to focus on my writing. If I want to chat about other things, I’ll create a second blog. These are all free, and so many hosts provide an amazing amount of widgits to allow us-all to say exactly what we mean. Videos, music, Goodread’s html widgets. I love them all.
  4. Set up a FREE stat service. The ones that come with blogs and websites are too basic–how many people visited. I found an amazing one at They give entrance-exit pages, key words, length of visit, more than I can list here.
  5. Get RSS feeds on writing and the topic I’m writing about.  Right now, that’s Navy cruisers, DNA computers, AIs. This keeps me current, involved, excited about what I’m doing. Writing is by nature a solitary activity, so anything we-all can do to create a community is good.

Do you think I’ve forgotten the usual–joing a writing group, create a marketing package, offering my services as a speaker and reviewer, doing book signings at my local bookstore. If you’ve found my blog, you’ve found those ideas elsewhere. They’re all good, but this list is more nuts and bolts.

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