Goodbye, fellow teachers

Now, with my first day of 59 days off before returning to teaching in the fall, it hit home: I won’t see six of my dear teacherboardcolleagues next year. Two third grade teachers, one fourth, one fifth, a math and a history. Laid off like so many others, starting not the first day of summer vacation but the first of jobhunting, worrying, wondering…

400 Broward Teachers Laid Off

More than 120 teachers laid off by Palm Springs Unified School District

All over the news, but it means more when it’s my backyard. I’ve taught integrated lessons with these six, planned extensions, discussed how to help struggling students. Now they’re gone, hoping to find a new home, CoolClips_wb027027but with hundreds laid off around them, no one has much hope. Some are starting tutoring businesses, subbing. Others are considering getting out of teaching into who knows what. More than 27,000 pink slips went out to California teachers, yet, as my friend Julie at Momlogic reminded me, we threw a $2 million parade for the Lakers.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, fellow teachers

  1. Why the government (in this case, dem-led Sacramento) starts with teachers and police is beyond me when it could be dog parks and building renovations instead. If it was our family budget, would we save money first by skipping the mortgage or would we cut out Starbucks (sorry, Starbucks–you’re just an example).


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