Eight Favorite Words–Part III

  1. Sesquipedalian–use overly long words. Like polysyllabic, but I love the way the word commits its definition
  2. shingled–can’t you just see those cucumbers slapped on a serving tray like shingles on a roof
  3. Sitzfleisch–ability to sit patiently for hours doing one thing when you could be doing a million others. Story of my life
  4. tarradiddle–pretentious nonsense. Another of those words that sounds like its def.
  5. tintinnabulation–tinkling sound. I hear the tintinnabulation of bells–let’s just call it the ‘tintin’
  6. triskaidekaphobia–who would know there’s a word for the fear of the number ’13’. I love English
  7. verbolatry–it’s what this list does–worships words
  8. Zeitgeist–the spirit of the time. Writers: this must be captured for an effective historic novel.





7 thoughts on “Eight Favorite Words–Part III

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