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Seven More Favorite Geek Words

Here’s the rest of them. Twenty words should satisfy your ‘inner geek’.

  1. keylogger–short for keystroke logging. A nefarious program that records a user’s keystrokes, like your password
  2. poke–to reach out and virtually touch someone. However, while “poking” is a popular way to interact with your friends on Facebook, it can mean different things to different people and it can have a sexual connotation. (If you think there’s room for misinterpretation, it’s safer not to poke at all.)
  3. prairie dogging–when someone makes a loud commotion in a cube farm and everyones heads pop up over the walls to see what’s going on. Can you see that mental picture?
  4. smart clothes–clothing, such as a shirt, that is woven with optical fibers that can send and receive electrical impulses. The purpose is to monitor vital signs (like heart rate and breathing) for athletes or the infirmed. Smart clothes are also making appearances on Paris runways, featuring fashionable fabrics that change color in response to different lighting
  5. stealth mode–under the radar; what you do to avoid your bosses notice
  6. technobabble–use all these words together, in one sentence, and it’s ‘technobabble’. Used to overwhelm newbies and give a false sense of superiority to people in the industry who use such jargon.
  7. vulcan nerve pinch–Keyboard commands that tax the hand’s ability to reach all of the appropriate keys. They make Ctrl+Alt+Delete look simple


Thank you, NetLingo, for educating me. Now for some entertainment…

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