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How Goodreads Made Me a Librarian

Goodreads and booksI love books, but as I get older, I’m forgetting all those wonderful books I read. When I want to recommend them to friends, I can’t remember the title, or author. When Goodreads came along, I was excited–finally, an online place to keep my list, that I can access from anywhere. Work, my book club, a colleague’s house.

I started entering all my books. Maasai Warrior, the Jack Reacher series, The Runaway Brain. I get excited just thinking arg-book-flipping-pages-207x165-urlabout them. The memories, the feelings, emotions. I want all the details correct, but I  noticed sometimes the information on Goodreads was wrong. There’s nothing more annoying than bad info when it’s so easy to get it right. I clicked to change it, but it wouldn’t let me–said I needed ‘Librarian’ status. That’s for people with more than fifty books.

I checked my list. Hah! Got that beat. One hundred and forty! I applied and it was granted. To my surprise, they adminished me to take this position seriously. Check entries. Correct wrong ones. Be the ‘buck stops here’ of Goodread’s collection. In short, act like a bibliophile!

Which I am, as well as a philomath and a neologist (admit it–you love nounizing adjectives and verbizing nouns, too, huh?)  I am an autodidact in many fields because I love researching and solving life’s puzzles. I just have to know why the chicken crossed the road.

So, I extend my invitation: let me know if you find any editorial details wrong/missing on Goodreads. I’m your gal to fix them. With a smile! Check out my book list in the sidebar (if I’ve figured out how to add it.)

What are you reading now?

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