A New Best Friend

So many of you have shared my sadness over the loss of my Labrador, Casey (see my post, What Happens dog14When You Lose Your Best Friend). Loving a dog is like nothing else in the world.

When Casey died, I couldn’t handle it. Every time I walked up the stairs, past that sunny step he used to lie on, I cried. Every time breakfast came, and only my black lab Stoney arrived, I hurt. Stoney couldn’t figure it out, either. Between the time Casey Jr. died and the new Casey (His name is Casey III, but we call him ‘Casey’ for short.) arrived, Stoney became old. Having Casey Jr. around had made her the young one, prancing, outpacing him, doing that circle thing dogs do to each other. Now, her head hung, steps slowed. She’s even developed lumps along her tummy. All that changed with Casey III’s arrival. Now she just hides from the crazy energized pup?

Here’s a picture of Casey III. Thanks for your concerns.

Caey III

“To err is human:To forgive, canine.”

– Anonymous

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