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How Blogs Make you a Better Writer

That’s what the education blogs say–if kids read/write blogs, they get better at writing. Why is that?

  1. You have to be concise in a blog. People don’t want a novel. They want something that will help them in, say, a minute (that seems to be the average time people spend on a post)
  2. You have to be pithy. People don’t want to waste even that sixty seconds. They may get tricked the first time by a snazzy title, but not again. So, you have to put your thoughts together in a cogent and concise arrangement.
  3. There are so many bloggers out there, you have to get the idea across that you know your topic and you’re smart enough to discuss it in that one minute your reader has invested. How do you do that? Watch grammar and spelling. Pick a topic you know about. If it’s an opinion, pick something you have ideas about. Don’t tear down the other guy’s opinion as a way to promote your own. This sort of mean-spiritedness turns people off.

For more great reasons why blogs are good for kids, visit Educational Blogging Wiki–including helping them find their voice and empower their maturing identities.

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9 thoughts on “How Blogs Make you a Better Writer

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  2. Greetings, wd, it is over and I feel damned good.
    I was discharged Friday and here it is the next day with only a couple of annoyances in my way.
    I don’t like sleeping on my back. Wah. :o)
    I think I will get over it.
    My kitten thinks that I am trying to play when I am actually scratching my leg.
    I mean really, worddreams, ain’t that a misery list if you’ve ever seen one?
    Poor poor pitiful me.
    I don’t know what your circumstances are, but I am blessed to have this surgery available and somewhat affordable…Insurance was the life-saver.
    Tell me, won’t you, what is your situation with regards to your hip?
    I will be happy to share all the information that I can about my experience, and maybe I can help in other ways, as well.
    Just let me know!
    Take care,
    Laurel R.

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  3. Here’s my entry for you today, July 28, 2009:
    I will make a point of reading this site more thoroughly when I return from the hospital after hip replacement surgery tomorrow.
    I actually mean that, “WordDreams”!
    I know you know that I mean it. I have been ‘stumbling’ around the internet all day wasting time!
    I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 6:30 am for “Procedures”.
    I am not too fond of the sound of that.
    But I am going to go ahead and have this damned hip replaced no matter how scared I get.
    I know it’s no big deal.
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..
    Laurel R.

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