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Blogging for Education: Teachers Without Borders

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Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be.

Thomas Jefferson recognized the relationship between education and freedom hundreds of years ago, so why do we still expect nations to do the glorious mountain building required of their future without the bedrock of teachers? We ask the world to ‘cut carbon emissions’ without teaching them science. We ask them to understand us without teaching them culture. We ask them to consider the consequences of their actions without teaching them history. We ask them to look to the numbers for proof without teaching them math.

Teachers are the world’s fixers. They show us how to use that complicated organ inside our head to solve problems, to get along, to talk to each other.

But, you say, we have no teachers. Teachers Without Borders brings them to you.

It is with difficulty I distill the many activities of these teachers without borders to my three favorites. Let’s just call them the top three:

  1. Scholastic’s TeacherShare – allows all Scholastic users (with free sign-up) access  to educational resources at the K-8 level
  2. Open Educational Resources (OER). These are free, high-quality, reusable content for teachers around the world. Did I mention Free?
  3. A free teacher-training program called the Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM). It is self-paced and mentor-supported.

Teachers Without Borders is in twenty-six countries. You can make that twenty-seven.

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