I Predict a New Face on at Least Two Journalists’ Reporting in the Future

As a writer, I see characters, plot twists, climaxes, in everything around me. If my writing doesn’t include fascinating unusual characters, or surprises in the plot, no one will read my novels.

I found one in the recent story about freed US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. I see a story about liberal protesters who hate so much about America that they want to tear it down. It could be anything from (illegal) immigrants, freeing/occupying Iraq and related civilian casualties, the good/bad/ugly of capitalism (a cornerstone of America) to the treatment of prisoners in prisons. Protest is a hallmark of democracy, but sometimes, healthy descent becomes a self-destructive national suicide-by-freedom of speech. It’s like that fine line between hate and love.

I’m thinking Laura and Euna and America’s legion of liberal journalists, with their noble history of telling even national secrets because ‘the people have a right to know’ might have had an epiphany in North Korea. If fixing the country results in destroying it, is a model like North Korea and Kim Joing Il a better alternative? Can we treat our country with respect and love even as we’re trying to solve our problems?

I think so. and I bet, as happy as Laura and Euna looked to be returning to the Land of the Free, they might approach America’s problems differently.

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