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What I Learned About Life From Star Trek

  1. The instinct to survive is king. This basic of our race is also fundamental to plants, insects, and every galactic race we are likely to run into. Don’t underestimate it.


    Photo credit: Connee

  2. Other races may or may not be humane. It depends upon their culture. And that’s OK because every race is entitled to pursue their culture as long as it doesn’t infringe on my right to pursue my culture
  3. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Brilliance comes in many shapes, sizes, packages. Green skin, weird hair, no hair–none of that precludes a brilliant mind.
  4. When in Rome… That lesson never changes. No matter where you are in the Universe, abide by the laws and culture of the land and people you’re in

What’s my message? If you’re a science fiction writer, consider these basics for the people and cultures you create. If they were fundamental to Star Trek–and that has overcome almost fifty years of our cultural changes–you probably shouldn’t try to reinvent that wheel.

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