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How I Would Characterize a Democrat

I’m a writer. I know–most writers are liberals, which means Democrats, but give me a chance. What writers really do isdemsrule analyze people, discern their traits so our characters are believable, then create protagonists (who you as the reader like) and antagonists (who readers dislike). That requires extremes and emotions, not banal facts. Otherwise, readers get bored.

I’m creating an outspoken liberal in a novel I’m writing so I’ve been evaluating the ends of the political spectrum and come up with this ‘liberal Democrat’ characterization:

  1. Has great empathy for the world in general and its problems
  2. Wants America to care for the world (the opposite of a Republican, who wants to impose our will on the world–according to the Democrat opinion)
  3. Is against the death penalty, pro homosexual marriage, pro gun control and pro abortion
  4. Is socially and fiscally liberal (open minded and open walleted)
  5. Is in favor of bigger social programs, bigger government and more spending to support these programs
  6. Considers poverty a Red Badge of Courage
  7. Wants his/her values to over-weigh all others because these values are the type everyone would agree with–who doesn’t want world peace, to feed the hungry, to save the environment
  8. Doesn’t like big business but likes trade unions (because they support the Little Guy)
  9. Answers questions in generalities rather than facts. Republicans seem to believe in facts and Democrats seem to think facts can be skewed to anyone’s opinion
  10. When asked a question, if s/he thinks the questioner has a different opinion or is trying to trap him, s/he filibusters. republican_logo1This happens also if s/he doesn’t have a good answer for the question or just doesn’t like it
  11. When asked a question s/he doesn’t like, s/he reframes it as one s/he can answer
  12. When asked a question s/he doesn’t like, s/he answers a different one, more suited to those broad unassailable opinions (see point 3)
  13. When confronted with a ‘fact’ drawn from a quote or video which s/he doesn’t agree with, s/he responds that it is out of context or the presenter didn’t show the entire segment. Rather than address the big picture.

Warning: This isn’t a judgment. These are qualities if found in a character  would make him/her authentic as a liberal and would make you like or dislike him/her (depending upon the part s/he plays in the story).

Now, this is the interactive part: Characterize a Republican for me.

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10 thoughts on “How I Would Characterize a Democrat

  1. I find your characterizations of both liberal and conservative outdated, that is pre-Tea Party. Liberals not conservatives deal with facts. Contemporary conservatives are locked in a mindset and will willingly ignore reality to preserve the comfort of their mindset. The most recent example is the shock most conservatives, Fox News, and the Romney campaign experienced when Romney lost. Despite ample polling data, leading conservatives, such as Karl Rove had convinced themselves Romney would win.

    This inability to face reality is endemic to the large swaths of the Republican Party. Donald Trump, and many other conservatives, refuse to believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, despite the display of his birth certificate on the internet. The majority of the Republican Party believes Obama is a Muslim, despite the attacks on Obama when his preacher, Rev. Wright spoke out on Christianity. Most Republicans do not believe in global warming, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, nor do they accept evolution, agains despite overwhelming evidence.

    Liberals, not the conservatives, are dealing with the budget deficit. The Republican plans, such as Rep. Ryan’s, simply do not add up. Ryan’s plan does less to deal with the deficit than President Obama’s plan. Republicans talk about abortion, but Democratic plans reduce actual abortions more effectively than Republican programs. Republican sabre rattling got us into two wars they could not get us out of; Democrats are sensibly and honorably ending these wars.

    As a businessman and Marine Corps veteran, I am a natural Republican and probably fit your characterization of a conservative better than your characterization of a liberal, yet I am a Democrat. I switched parties several years ago as the right wing fringe took over the Republican Party. Many like me have switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic, and it has changed the nature of both parties. I think you need to update your characterizations.


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  8. good objective list!

    i’ve got another one to add to it: romantic with a broken grasp of reality! people flock to their banner because it’s easier to think money grows on trees and spend someone else’s than to earn it yourself!


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