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You Might be a Writer if…

  • You love research more than your cat


    Photo credit: OKCityNate

  • You’ve had your name on a milk carton because your friends haven’t seen you for so long.
  • You feel the need to belt out your feelings. That done, you can edit them back to a semblance of sanity.
  • You love words. You are a neologist at heart. You curl up at night with The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Difficult Words–and don’t fall asleep.
  • There are times you feel like a very stupid bee banging against the same window over and over–but you never give up. It’s not in you to give up. You are a writer.
  • Sometimes you go zero to sixty in five minutes, other times it takes five seconds. When inspiration strikes, you grab a pencil (or keyboard) and start writing. In the middle of dinner, when friends are over, driving–doesn’t matter. It’s time.
  • Your family thinks you’re as deaf as a bat, but you’re just concentrating.
  • You know it’s not the size of your words that matter. It’s your passion for writing.
  • Statisticians may select their profession because they couldn’t stand the excitement of accounting, but yours is full of whatever you can conceive and believe.
  • Sometimes writing, which is the dream of so many, is your nightmare.

If you related to over half of these, accept it: You are a writer.

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