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So Your Agent IS a Dunce Because Your Agent is YOU!

bad dayThat’s not my headline. That’s from Janet Reid’s blog, Literary Agent, ‘commenting’ on us writers who are desperately seeking representation even after we’ve gotten that umpteenth rejection letter. At the end of the day, we can either blow our brains out or our horn. What would you pick?

BTW, “A Bad Day for Sorry’ is a pithy title and an Every Woman sort of cover. It’s from one of the books Janet represents. Nice. I might read it. It does grab the essence of the agent search, doesn’t it?

Man up, Janet! You don’t want us pathetic, unpublished writers to send you manuscripts anymore. You need another unsolicited manuscript as much as you need digital books as a competitor (They are so darn easy to upload and sell, they make me look like an agent).

The publishing business is in the dumps. Your idea of what the public wants to read is sorely out of sync with what they are reading. Otherwise, why is the self-publishing industry eating your lunch (according to the statisticians at check out my posts on digital books here).

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