10 Reasons to Have an End of Life Chat with Your Doctor

end of life

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Face it. The older we get, the more necessary it is to get our affairs in order Just in Case. For most of us, that’s a Living Will, a chat with the offspring about where we keep our legal records and the emergency money. Soon, though, maybe after the August Congressional recess, that could become a routine part in every elder’s life, healthy or unhealthy.

Until then, consider having that chat when:

  • A Brazilian Wandering Spider–one of Guinness Book of World Records’ most deadly creatures–wanders over and bites you
  • You end up at the Venezuelan La Sabaneta Prison (through no fault of your own), one of the most deadly prisons in the world, a country where humane prisons are as common as reform is in their penal system
  • You’re in Indonesia. It’s April 1915, just days before the eruption of  Mt. Tambora. 92,000 people were killed, more than in any other volcanic eruption
  • You join Bear Grylls on his Man vs. Wild trek across the African savanna.
  • For that matter, go with Survivorman. (Did you notice how often he starves for seven days?)
  • You’re dining on puffer fish. This delicacy is difficult to prepare, and prepared wrong will kill you.
  • You’re planning to purchase a used Ford Pinto. Considered “the barbecue that seats four”, it is one of the most deadly car designs ever conceived.
  • You need a job and decide to hire on to work on cell towers. Wrong decision–183.6 people out of 100,000 workers die–a daunting statistic by any measure.
  • You’re on an African safari and you made an elephant angry. Slow and lumbering? Not quite. Eight tons moving at 25 miles an hour. You’re toast.
  • You’re driving with a drunk in Wyoming, the American state with the highest alcohol-related fatalities

Or, health reform passes in the  style of HR 3200 and then, you merely have to reach the age of 58ish (who knows what it’ll be by the time it passes).



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