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Teachers Without Borders Educates the World

WordDreams nominated TWB for an award over the summer. Much to my pleasure, my post won and $500 was sent to TWB. It couldn’t go to a more worthy organization.

TWB Recipient of Blogging for Education Award

Blogging for Education, an online teacher networking space provided by the Certification Map, has chosen Teachers Without Borders as the winner of the Blogging for Education campaign and  the recipient of a $500 donation for continued support of teachers, worldwide.

Teachers Without Border’s winning nomination for the award was submitted by Ms. Jacqui Murray, a K-5 teacher from Laguna Hills, CA via her blog World Dreams.  The nomination highlights Teachers Without Borders’ and Scholastic’s TeacherShare program, its emphasis on promoting and providing Open Educational Resources (OER), and its own teacher-training program called the Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM).

Ms. Murray writes, “teachers are the world’s fixers.  They show us how to use that complicated organ inside our head to solve problems, to get along, to talk to each other.  But you say we have no teachers.  Teachers Without Borders brings them to you”.  Teachers Without Borders is credited by the campaign as being “poised to continue to have a significant impact on the lives of students around the world”, a major reason why the organization was chosen for the award.

Blogging for Education and the Certification Map evolved from a group of researcher-students, sponsored by the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at the University of Southern California, working to put together a comprehensive resource for teacher certification information.  The Certification Map, along with its Blogging for Education space, provides state specific information on how to become a teacher, teacher salaries, teacher certification tests, alternative teacher certification, and teacher certificate reciprocity.

Teachers Without Borders thanks Ms. Jacqui Murray and the Certification Map researchers for not only supporting Teachers Without Borders, but also for their own unique contributions to supporting teachers through technology, networking, and resources.



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