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From Telegraph to Twitter: The Language of the Short Form

Twitter is getting a lot of press for its enforced brevity. This is a skill the US Congress could learn. As one of the ‘mob’ who decided to wade through the 1013 pages of the Healthcare Bill, HR3200, I wish Twitter had been in charge of it’s message.

Surprisingly, it’s not only popular with young adults. It’s a hit with olders, too, as we appreciate the fact that tweeting transcends reading and writing, becoming true ‘communication’.

Read what Poynter Online (Poynter is a respected ‘old school’ purveyor of journalistic advice) has to say:

From Telegraph to Twitter: The Language of the Short Formtweet

Posted by Roy Peter Clark at 12:30 AM on Sep. 4, 2009

I guess you could say that I’m a late adopter. I have no Facebook account. I remain skeptical of PowerPoint presentations. My favorite technology is still the book, although my new iPhone is catching up fast. I admit it: I still write the occasional essay in longhand.

But something nifty (an old school word) happened a few months ago when my friends at Poynter Online uploaded the podcasts for my book “Writing Tools” on iTunes U. Before you know it, those little audio essays were number 1 with a bullet, with close to a million downloads. O, Brave New World … (more on tweeting)

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