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Two-thirds of the World Visits Facebook

facebookThe primary reason people write is to share their ideas. We are a garrulous species. It started with grooming, grew to chatter and gossip and now it’s social networking. Specifically, Facebook.

You might say, What about MySpace. Why not that social network? The bosses at MySpace are losing big time to Facebook and Twitter.


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The Facebook Phenomenon

Visiting social networking and blogging sites is now the most popular online activity according to a new Nielson report, outpacing email. The study found that two-thirds of the world’s population visited a social networking site  in 2008, with Facebook leading the way. According to Nielson, Facebook gets monthly visits from 3 out of 10 Internet users in nine global markets.

While the audience for social networks started out as a younger demographic, this has changed significantly – last year Facebook added twice as many 50-64 users as those under 18 years old. Kurt Hanson’s Radio and Internet Newsletter yesterday summarized several articles on the social media explosion. Edison Research’s Tom Webster recently reported that 60% of a country music stations audience is on at least one social network (42% are on Facebook).facebook-graph1

As soon as I read this, I joined. I’ll let you know if I get more readers with Facebook than with my blog.


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