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A Nose By Any Other Name

IPresearchFacialFetTrackingA  top-notch novel’s characters must stand out. A pug nose is boring, as is a bulbous nose or full lips. Yet, we must describe characters that the reader will remember each time they arrive in a scene.

Try these:


  • Ferret-like eyeszoom_eyes
  • Eyes were dark pools of fear
  • Flint-eyed
  • Dark solemn eyes
  • Steely-eyed
  • Huge blue eyes that gave her a startled look
  • Black circles beneath her eyes had become bruises
  • Wide-spread aquamarine eyes
  • Beady-eyed
  • brown eyes wearing reading glasses
  • Piercing stare
  • Close set black eyes
  • Watery blue eyes
  • Memorable only for his bleak eyes
  • Nets of wrinkles at the corners of her eyes
  • Eyes flat as little pebbles
  • long eyelashes
  • laughing eyes
  • predatory eyes
  • Eyes were red-rimmed from allergies
  • Under heavy lids; heavy-lidded
  • Sensitive brown eyes
  • Eyes sunk into his sockets
  • Competitive, fixed, dead-eyed, and querulous stare of people who weren’t getting far enough fast enough
  • I’ve-seen-it-all eyes
  • bedroom eyes, dark hair falling into them
  • Crows feet radiated from the corners of his yes


  • Aquiline nose
  • Thin, straight nose
  • Flattened nose
  • Beakish nose
  • hawk nose,
  • Meaty nose
  • Turnip nose scarred by rosacea and alcohol,
  • freckles across the bridge of his nose
  • Broad, slightly flat nose


  • Thickish upper lip
  • Sensuous lips
  • Generous mouth
  • One gold tooth
  • liverish lips
  • impish smile
  • huge self-satisfied oddly Miserable expression
  • Buck teeth
  • gap between front teeth
  • engaging grin
  • Slight overbite
  • One perfectly chipped tooth


  • Faced dimpled with acne
  • Big bovine face unmarked by any kind of internal life
  • A sheen of moisture on her upper lip
  • The strange transparent beauty of her face
  • White puckered knife scar that interrupted his brows
  • High cheekbones
  • Pinch-featured man
  • Dried apricot face
  • angular version of Che Guevara
  • Face distorted and white with rage
  • Blunt Irish face
  • Sculpted face
  • Battered face
  • leonine face
  • Bony features
  • Dangerous smile
  • Boyish face
  • Florid face
  • Triangular face
  • Hawk-faced
  • Blotches of color came and went on his face
  • a thin, pale ascetic’s
  • Kindly wrinkled face
  • Chiseled face


13 thoughts on “A Nose By Any Other Name

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  2. Thank you for this list, I thought I was going to have a brain aneurysm do to google search results only turning up silly stuff, that had to do with peoples personalty types, based on what nose they had. Arrg! I want information not goofy stuff.

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