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What’s the Best Way to Read eBooks–Kindle or Other

kindleIt’s getting so much easier. Used to be, you needed a bulky separate e-reader. Now, Blackberry, iPhone–and more coming. Read on.

Kindle May Not Dominate Digital Book Market for Long

NEW YORK —  A few weeks ago, Pasquale Castaldo was waiting at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport for a delayed flight, when a man sitting across from him pulled out an Amazon Kindle book-reading device.

“Gee, maybe I should think about e-books myself,” Castaldo thought.

He didn’t have a Kindle, but he did have a BlackBerry. He pulled it out and looked for available applications. Sure enough, Barnes & Noble Inc. had just put up an e-reading program. Castaldo, 54, downloaded it, and within a minute, began reading Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

As others are also discovering, the North Haven, Conn., banker found e-books quite accessible without a Kindle.

“The BlackBerry is always with me,” Castaldo said. “Rather than just sitting there, if I can fill that time by reading a good book, I might do that, in addition to doing the other things I might do, like reading email and Twittering.” (more)


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