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How I Would Characterize a Republican

republican elephantIf your novel is about a cross section of America, you must convincingly portray characters from all segments of society. About 20% will be Democrats, 20% Republicans, and the rest, somewhere in the middle. Regardless of which politics you prefer, if your character is to be believed, you better walk a mile in those animal prints or your reader won’t read your book. Best to do it non-judgmentally, too, or you’ll get a big portion of the population angry.

I wrote a post on How to Characterize Liberals (i.e., Democrats). Here are some ideas on Conservatives:

  1. the purpose of Government is simply to provide for common defense of its citizens, and other basic tasks.
  2. prefer less government (fewer regulations protecting environment, business, etc.),
  3. prefer lower taxes.
  4. In short, they believe in survival of the fittest . . .
  5. give the people the power to make their own decisions, run their life. Keep government out of it
  6. Empathizes with the world and its problems, but wants each individual to strive to take care of themselves.
  7. Wants America to care about the world, but not for it.
  8. Thinks the American way of life is best for everyone in the world, but doesn’t force it on anyone (giving her/him a snobby, uncaring appearance)
  9. Is more likely to be pro-death penalty, against homosexual marriage, against gun control and pro life
  10. Is socially and fiscally conservative–not so openminded with other cultures, and definitely thinks people should spend only what they can afford, no matter the need
  11. Is in favor of lesser social programs, less-intrusive government and less government spending on social programs
  12. Likes business and capitalism and the idea that hard work is the way to success
  13. Answers questions with numbers and facts. Doesn’t believe that ‘numbers always lie’
  14. When s/he is asked a question, tries to honestly answer it and hopes to persuade the listener with all the data s/he has as proof
  15. When confronted with a ‘fact’ drawn from a quote or video which s/he doesn’t agree with, s/he can probably come up with the context and how s/he heard it, how it supports her/his opinion

Warning: This isn’t a judgment. These are qualities if found in a character  would make him/her authentic as a liberal and would make you like or dislike him/her (depending upon the part s/he plays in the story).

What do you think? Did I miss anything?


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