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How to Make Your Plot Even More Interesting

You do it by adding fascinating snippets that intrigue the reader. Maybe it’s insider knowledge. Maybe it’s bits and pieces of real life that are stranger than fiction.

Or in this case, it’s a story that makes you say, “How could anyone be that dumb?” What a great way to make readers feel smart as they digest your novel.

Here’s one I couldn’t pass up.

Driver Crashes Into Cop Car While Texting

by Ally on Friday, October 23rd, 2009


If one were creating a top ten list of things not to do, this would at least be in the top five.  Texting while driving is an act that even if it’s still legal in your state, it’s heavily frowned upon.  Even though it’s not illegal now, it just seems as if it’s going to become that way sometime in the somewhat near future.  Basically texting while driving is just asking for trouble.  Then if you manage to hit someone while you’re texting, you can bet that you’re going to get even more trouble.  If you somehow make things even worse and hit a cop car, you get to a whole new level of stupid.  Someone did actually manage to do exactly that.  In their defense though, I’m sure it’s quite difficult to notice a car with bright blue flashing lights.

David Mercer admitted that he was texting and didn’t see the idling cop car that had been parked to divert traffic around a car accident.  Luckily, the cop car was actually empty, so no one was actually physically injured.  Luckily for him, he lives in Rhode Island where it’s still technically not illegal.  There it’s still stupid, just not illegal.  He was cited with “failure to maintain control of his vehicle, obedience to devices, and no insurance”.  Sadly, there was no citation for just being a moron.  They really should work on that one, they could call it the Mercer citation.



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