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How to Describe Actions (Era-Specific)

I posted a long list of descriptors for actions that can be used in any era here. This is a list that must fit the time frame of your novel, so be careful. For example, don’t use the second one about ‘inhaler’s, if they weren’t invented during your character’s life:

  • Struggling with his gloves
  • Sucking on an inhaler
  • Ran his fingers over the map like a Braille penthouse
  • Could have charmed the British out of Northern Ireland
  • More energy than a nuclear power plant
  • One leg over the corner of the table
  • Long legs cramped in the narrow front seat
  • Took the stairs two at a time
  • One haunch on the wood, one boot swinging freely
  • Sitting, shoulders hunched, feet point inward, duck-toed
  • Eased himself onto
  • Boosting herself onto the desk
  • Took another step forward, crowding him
  • Sits on his heels
  • She hesitated a beat before answering
  • Separated by the cut and quality of their suits
  • Shot a look over the top of his glasses
  • Squinted at the sun
  • Looked at me with a strangled expression
  • pulled his shirt down over a gold Rolex
  • Nodding like a bobble-head doll
  • Apprehension rose like the mercury in a thermometer
  • A man whose keen vision could snap the twine off Gordian knots
  • The car behind him honked once more, he would go take the driver out, but then his wallet was back…
  • Dipped a finger into the gravy
  • Uncurled from the sofa
  • Drew a bead on the car
  • Unfurled from her car like a boxer entering the ring
  • Walking rapidly, hands jammed into his pockets, mumbling to himself
  • Bustled her way to the stove and put a pot on to boil
  • It had been a number of years since he’d last experienced the vibrant undertones of a living ship at sea
  • Sitting in a red vinyl booth at Sid’s Diner, picking at her tuna salad and listening to Frank and Doug gossip
  • The room erupted in cheers and high-fives
  • Expanded like a party balloon

Remember: These are all taken from books I’ve read. Use their ideas, but not their exact phrasing.

For more descriptors for characters and settings, click here.


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