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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards–They’re Back

amazon breakthrough novel awardIt’s that time of year again–for the third year. Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (ABNA to us repeaters) is taking submittals starting January 25th. In the world of writing contests, there are a few details that set this one apart:

  • There is no entry fee. If you’ve entered contests in hopes of getting feedback to muscle up query letters, the cost of this approach quickly spirals out of control. ABNA skips entry fees, provides no comments until quarter finals. To me, that makes sense. If it’s not good enough to get through, then agents won’t be interested anyway
  • Submittals are read primarily by Amazon Top Reviewers, not professionals. I have no judgment on that; just throwing it out there
  • Two Grand Prize winners of a full publishing contract with Penguin.
  • You can’t enter a published novel, but you can enter a self-published novel. That’s unique.

So, are you inspired? Because the prize is a publishing contract, you must have a completed novel (which I do). Here are the other requirements:

  • The full/complete version of your manuscript must be between 50,000 and 150,000 words;
  • The Excerpt must be between 3,000 words and 5,000 words;
  • A pitch statement (cover letter/summary) must not be longer than 300 words
  • Other registration information (such as name, contact information, book title)

Share under comments if you’re entering. See you on the forums!


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