The Post I Wish I Hadn’t Written

I had good intentions. I wanted to share odd diseases that characters can get. Those, after all, are what draws the interest of readers, makes them feel like they learn from you as an author. So I wrote a post called My Character is Sick… and included diseases such as dehydration, scorpion stings, snake bites…

And spider bites. Like the brown recluse spider. Little did I know there seems to be a cult of brown recluse spider bite viewers, and they’ve all hit my site. Look at these quarter numbers:

Why do I care? You say it brings traffic to my blog–isn’t that good? Not good if it’s not targeted traffic–people who are interested in writing, will come back, will stay a while to read. These spider lovers aren’t. They look at the picture (eeuwie) and move on. As a result, this post blows up my reader stats–time spent on the site. Ever since I posted this blog, time spent on my blog has dropped precipitously.

Any ideas, short of deleting it?


5 thoughts on “The Post I Wish I Hadn’t Written

  1. What a funny problem to have!

    What’s the goal of your blog? Do you want to increase traffic, subscriptions or something else?

    (Usually!) you will have a couple of keywords that WAY out performs the rest. Can you identify what it is about that post that is triggering page hits?

    Is it “Deaths from snakebites are rare” or photos of stings or “Emotional instability”???

    Once you know how people are finding your site, then you can adjust. If it is only a couple of words, then I would suggest either eliminating or deleting them. If it is more than that, perhaps split the post into sections?

    I wouldn’t delete the post, building traffic is difficult enough already!


    • Good ideas, Christian. Yeah, I think I’m going to keep the post. When I’m looking for an agent, I doubt that he’ll notice half my blog posts were from ‘spider bites’.


  2. Wow! Wouldn’t we give anything for numbers like that if they were actually related to what we’re trying to accomplish?

    This is also sort of revelational with respect to spider people.

    I think I’d delete the post. Or at least go in and edit out the specific names of the critters. But deleting the post would probably be the most efficient. You can always write another post later on the subject of your characters being sick, only next time without as much specificity.

    Sure is interesting, though! Let me know what you decide to do.



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