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How To Describe a Geek’s World

If you have a techie sort of character, he has to be believable. And if you aren’t a geek, it’s very hard to replicate that culture. My novels always have a prominent nerdy sort of character because I like computers and the way tech is changing the world. It fascinates me, but it’s a challenge to make my guy talk/walk/think like that world. I have a few efforts I’ve shared with you:

Here’s another effort for you–this one in pictures. this not only will help with character development, but setting. You won’t believe the setting details you’ll get from this slideshow. It may be the best descriptions yet. I’ve made some changes in my character based on this. For example, mine only had six monitors and I didn’t think of having him monitor the microwave:

Do geeks monitor their microwave? Yes.


One thought on “How To Describe a Geek’s World

  1. Hi! This is not only very useful information but also sort of funny for a non-Geek person. Thanks so much for sharing! The visuals provide someone like me with more material than just the words.


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