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Does Your Character Have to Sneak Around?

The SAS Guide to Tracking (SAS)The SAS Guide to Tracking

by Bob Carss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I used this book for  a primitive man character I wrote about. He lived compatibly with nature, survived off the land, tracked animals for food and read nature like it was a blueprint for survival.

I figured an SAS military guy like Bob Carss, trained in surviving in the wild in case he’s stranded or tracking the enemy there, would offer good insights. Through Bob Carss, I understood how my character would hunt food, scavenge plants to eat, listen for clues from his surrounding environment, pick up scents of water or danger, track prey, escape predators. These actions come from characteristics of his surroundings a special forces sort like Carss would notice and I as a city slick wouldn’t.

Even for one not in the military or outdoors fields, this was clear, informative, and put me in Carss’ shoes. Every time my guy was stalking or being stalked, Carss took care of the details for me. I recommend it for those of you who write action/thrillers or mysteries.

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