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Writer’s Tip #13: Be Specific

When you read your story, does it sound off, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve done something wrong? Sometimes–maybe even lots of times–there are simple fixes. I’ll point them out. They’ll come at you once a week, giving you plenty of time to go through your story and make the adjustments.  Please add comments with your favorite editing fixes.

Sometimes, your character is rushing. When he runs past a dog, that’s all he sees–a dog. Or, maybe your character isn’t a dog person, so to him/her, they all look alike.

That’s OK, but it’s the exception. As a rule, be specific. When you see man’s best friend, don’t you usually see a poodle or a Labrador? Rarely is it just a dog. Your characters are the same. Tell the reader what type of dog it is.

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