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An Interview With Me! Cool…

Deanna is an author of historical and time travel romance novels and a colleague in the blogosphere. Her NEW book, No Turning Back, was released April 5th and is available on her website, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

I want to thank Deanna Jewel for taking the time to chat with me and post my work on her blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Author Interview with Jacqui Murray

Thank you for popping in today. We are again on location, this time in the Tech Lab where Jacqui Murray teaches, so grab yourself a desk. There is a lot of information Jacqui will be sharing and I know those with school aged children and grandchildren, you’re going to want to take notes!

Deanna: Jacqui, thank you so much allowing us time to be with you on your blog tour. Tell us a bit about YOU as a person that your readers might not know.
Jacqui: Thank you for having me; this tour is just beginning and I look forward to meeting so many readers. I was born in Berkley California to Irish-German parents. After receiving a BA in Economics, another in Russian and an MBA, I spent twenty years in a variety of industries while raising two children and teaching evening classes at community colleges. Now, I live with my husband, adult son and two beautiful Labradors and I write. I write how-books, five blogs on everything from the USNA to tech to science, and a column for the Examiner on tech tips.
Deanna: What made you want to become a writer?
Jacqui: My non-fictions books are all inspired by the same circumstances. When my daughter wanted a book on how to get into the Naval Academy, all she could find were books that told her how hard it was, how selective they were, how very few could achieve it. My daughter brushed them off, but I wondered how many kids would be discouraged by that approach and decided to write a book explaining how to achieve the goal, not why kids couldn’t. I stressed how teens can solve the problems that stood in their way rather than why they couldn’t, how they could get where they wanted to go rather than why they couldn’t get there. That worked for my daughter and I had no doubt it would work for others. From what I hear from readers, it’s true.
My tech workbooks are the same. When I went back to teaching, I could find no workbooks for teaching technology youngers. There were how-tos, but not geared for students of that age group. So I decided to write them. I geared the books for parents with nominal computer skills, homeschoolers and lab specialists. It outlines the method I use in my classes that gets kids from the most basics of computer skills in kindergarten to Photoshop by fifth grade. I’m not surprised that the method works, and is now being used in school districts all over the country.  Read more…


2 thoughts on “An Interview With Me! Cool…

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  2. That is great! Congrats with the interview. Being the journalist I am, those were great questions. I think interviews are a great way to get your name out there. I learned a lot about you! 🙂 Very cool.


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