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Guest Blogger: Mike Dolan

Welcome, Mike Dolan, as my guest blogger today. A little background on Mike. He was born in the mile-high city of Denver Colorado 43 years ago. He has lived all around

Mike Dolan, author A Pecunious Life

this beautiful world of ours, from Europe to Alaska, to his current home in the Middle East. His education is that of the experiences life gives–and school is far from being out for him. He is a lover of life, a life adventurist. He loves to travel, meet new people, and experience new cultures. He has been given a great opportunity to see life in a different light and wishes to share this with you.

Here is Mike in his own words:

This is a challenge for me to write.  I’m not accustomed to writing about myself.  I am a newly published author who believes in the best this life has.  I’m a positive energy that is always willing to help those that seek out my help.  I am an enabler, a catalyst that’s willing to set the bonfire of your soul aflame.  I am nobody.. and yet I am everyone.  I have the same feeling, the same hopes, the same desires, and the same dreams you do.  Perhaps the one difference is my burning desire to help others come alive to find the dreams once held in my heart.  My intent is to help as many people as I possibly can, to bring joy to as many lives as I can, and to empower as many people as I can to find the life of dreams again… My life has been comprised of experience, experiences that have lead me to this point in my life.  I wish to share what it is that I have learned along the way so that we all will enjoy the time we have.

Today is a new day as is everyday of your life if you so choose. What do I mean by this? It’s simple really… New experiences in our lives always seem to be more exciting, more moving, more beautiful, more of everything. Each day has that energy within it, more specifically your experience of this life as that energy in it. You get to choose how you experience the days of your life. You don’t always get to choose what is within the experience, but you do get to control the way you experience it. Take everyday as a new day, as a new challenge, as a fresh start… Many may balk at this idea due to the nature of how they perceive their own lives, but I would challenge them to  try it. If you work in an office where you life is dull, where all you do is sit in a cubicle and push paper. I challenge you to experience it for the first time as if it was your first day. Go in with a smile, say Hi to someone that doesn’t expect it… Experience your day as a new day…

Mike is the author of A Pecunious Life – How to Have a Life Abounding in True Wealth

A Pecunious Life

Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

According to reviewer, Ami Blackwelder, “This book has great advice for improving ones life. Not only does the author write details of how to become more wealthy, but he incorporates his own experiences which are woven into lessons of life quality. Learning from the past, learning from mistakes, learning from beliefs or mis-beliefs, life-altering events, and exercises where the author asks you to sit in a quiet place and reflect on the lessons given.  The book is not really about becoming wealthy in the money sense, but wealthy in the spiritual and happiness sense. Could we be happy with less? Happiness is a state of mind. I found this educational and easy to read and recommend it to adults in need of self-hep, spiritual guides, and for people who need a better life than they have right now.

A Pecunious Life can be purchased on Mike’s website or at Amazon

To close, here are a few thoughts from Mike:

As we traverse this life, we are faced with questions that will define who and what we become in our life. One of the most profound questions an individual should answer early in his or her life is a query that some people never deal with until far too late in their lives. This one question is often overlooked because we are rarely asked this question as we begin our journey in life. I’ve asked people this question several times in the past, and all they could do is look at me with a confused look of being lost.

For some people happiness is elusive; it’s something only found in the movies. For some happiness is tied to something external in their life. This could be their job, their family, or even a new car.  To examine happiness for ourselves is to examine ourselves. True happiness is not attached to any material device, it is not tied to one’s occupation, and it’s not tied to another individual or group of individuals. True happiness comes from within the individual.

“In finding yourself you will find what makes you happy in life.” MLD

I wish you well on this journey of life and hope you find you path to a pecunious life…

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