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How to Reach Your Readers: A Big Chart

I found this chart through my Linked In groups. It is a blast of noise that threatens the line between information and gibberish. Spend enough time with it, you’ll find it is one of the most thorough charts I’ve ever seen. You know how we usually use pictures to simplify statistics? Not this one. It provides a ton of information in a little bit of room, kind of like a Monet painting:

social media statistics

Who does what where and why--all in one picture. Wow. Click to enlarge.

Here are my conclusions:

  • women like MySpace best; men like Reddit (I barely know what that one is)
  • the favorite among the wealthiest is Linked In
  • the favorite among those in the lowest income is Reddit (Reddit users are fairly evenly distributed among income levels)
  • those with ‘some college’ are the heaviest users among all social media
  • the oldest among us are fairly evenly distributed in what they use
  • the largest user group of teens is MySpace (if you write for that group, you better advertise there)
  • the 35-44 group use everything, except MySpace. Don’t try to reach them there.
  • to reach baby boomers, your best bet is Linked In, maybe Digg
  • to reach those with grad degrees, your best bet is Linked In
  • Twitter is most likely to reach working women of moderate income with some college
  • Digg will reach that same group, but men
  • StumbleUpon reaches that same group, but both sexes

What do you see? Does it help your marketing?


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