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How to Publish Your Blog on Kindle

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I have been toying with publishing my blog as an ebook. I found a site that will convert the blog into a pdf book at Blogbooker. It’s a start, although would require some work to get it ready for prime time. The problem is, as a pdf, I can’t easily edit it to fix the formatting problems.And, the pdf/ebook is my blog at a point in time. It per force doesn’t include my newer (and sometimes most scintillating) blogs.

Amazon has solved that. It has a new ebook service that will sell your live blog on Kindle for a subscription fee of $1.99 per month. It’s called Kindle Publishing for Blogs. Here’s how it works.

  • set up an account
  • upload your blog rss feed, a screen shot and a banner heading
  • describe the blog in a brief paragraph
  • categorize it

About 48 hours later, your blog is live. That’s it. Simple. Readers get a trial period before signing on for the subscription. Here’s what mine looks like:

kindle edition

WordDreams--Kindle Edition--click to view on Amazon

No problem. Each of my blogs took about ten minutes. Amazon prices it for you–between $.99 and $1.99. Mine’s $1.99. I don’t know how they differentiate pricing. Am I flattered mine costs more? or not? Hmm…

My question is, why would people pay for something they can get for free? Here’s what I came up with:

  • Most people don’t carry computers with them to read their favorite blogs. Kindle blogs can be read on a book reader (Kindle or one with a Kindle ap), making them more portable.
  • There isn’t a second

I spent about an hour searching the internet for reasons to pay for a free blog and really, couldn’t find any. There was a bit of hubbub when it started a year ago, lots of complaints from bloggers about the 70/30 split (we get 30) and the rights given to Amazon for our work, but nothing recently.

I guess it boils down to, hard to predict what people will pay for. I’ll let you know how I do.

BTW, if you’ve ever purchased a Kindle blog, would you let us know what inspired you? Thanks.

11 thoughts on “How to Publish Your Blog on Kindle

  1. Exciting stuff and thank you for being you, Jacqui.

    And thank you again so much for this latest post.

    How do you handle flattery? I hope you like it because I have to say, no holes bared, you’re the best, greatest – awesome in fact!

    I’ve gone over to the site you suggested and set up my blog, Kindle-style, and wow, what fun.

    Not quite sure what to do next but at least playing with the concept opens up a whole new way of thinking about blogging and e-readers.

    What’s next?

    *Zak Writer, jumping up and down, here*


  2. You’re so funny, Zak. That’s exactly the way I felt when I discovered it. Wow–look at this! So easy! I’m still waiting for my first sale (it’s only been a week), but I have friends who sell a lot. ‘A lot’ being relative because you only make $.50 or so per sale per month.

    I like that ‘per month’, huh?!

    • I had the same response–who would buy what they can get for free? I guess it’s about convenience gifting. I hope someone who’s purchased a blog will stop by and let us know the motivation.

      I love your website, Lorilyn. And your two books–great stories. Thanks for visiting.

  3. This is such an interesting concept, & even though most of us struggle to reason why someone would pay to subscribe to a blog when you can get them free, there clearly is a market for them. And I suspect that “the future” will hold something in store for us on this story – I can only imagine that at some point there will be great benefit for someone to host their blog on a Kindle.

    • So far, I’m not selling a lot. Even selling a lot isn’t a lot of money when Kindle markets them for $.99 and takes 2/3s. I did it mostly to see what happened. Now, a year later, I should see if there’s any more chatter about it on Google, see if it’s changed in twelve months.

  4. Hello again, Jacqui!

    Now this would be a blockbuster concept if the blogger could maintain her rights to the blog content. It screams of Amazon being a tad bit greedy there—the lion’s share of the split and the rights? For what sort of rights do they ask?

    My thought was simply to format my blog for an e-book and self publish it. Same as one would publish any other e-book. But I know. Some would say that is a one time sale, not a “monthly prospect.” Yet even that could be seen as a Win-Win Situation. Think: publish but so many blog entries and wha-la! It’s on-going, like the Kindle blog.

    Curious and curiouser…


  5. I can’t disagree with you, but every month when I get that Kindle blog check, it buys a tank of gas or a celebratory dinner. I did publish a group of articles from my blog which I’m selling (through my Ask a Tech Teacher blog). I’ll do more of those also. They’re all part of my revenue streamlet until I Get Discovered

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