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My Summer With Robert Parker

This summer, I spent all my free time with Robert Parker. I’m a teacher, so I get summer’s off. As a writer (also–who can live on a teacher’s salary? For that matter, who can live on a writer’s income?), I commonly spend the summer months reading–which I consider research. I write action thrillers, so I read everything I can get my hands on by that genre authors. This summer, I had a long list of authors to read–new ones like

  • Deborah Crombie
  • Catherine Coulter
  • Sue Henry
  • T. Jefferson Parker
  • Ryan Jones (a recommendation)
  • Louise Penny
  • Stuart Woods
  • Tess Jerritson (because I love Rizzoli and Iles)

…already-beloved ones

  • Clive Cussler
  • James Lee Burke
  • Elizabeth George

…but I spent the entire 75 days on Robert Parker’s Spenser. The books are quick–I could read them in a day or two–three max. They are fast-moving but engaging. Spenser is a wonderfully likable character made better with the addition of Hawk. In fact, once I met Hawk (his brilliantly developed sidekick), the books I read out of order–I missed Hawk. The story paled without Hawk’s insights, strength, humor. I didn’t miss him until I met him, though, so I recommend you read the books in order, starting with a 1970’s copyright.

Click to read my review of one of Parker’s books, Catskill Eagle.


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