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It’s Like First Love…

Reading a great book for the first time–there’s nothing like it. I can’t tell you how many books I so wish I could read again for the first time. That excitement, that involvement. I love finding books like that.



love books

I love the first read of great books




13 thoughts on “It’s Like First Love…

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  2. First time is always best. Surprises plot-wise are fresh and the story is unknown. The thing about a read is the journey. Once you know the road, familiarity sort of kills it.

    If the book is good, then a second or third read might be beneficial. There’s only a handleful of books that really deserve to be re-read for the ‘writers’ skill’ as you put it.


  3. Oh if only there were more books that excited me enough to want to re read them. Those that I get really excited about, I reread many times. The best, I’ll reread straigt away, just to stay in the world. (The strangely beautiful tale of Miss Percy PArker is my latest find)

    I hope my novel will be one of those books that others will want to read over and over.


  4. I love the first read too. Although now I find myself going back to read portions of various books to see more clearly how the author constructed something. The first time through I do my best to just enjoy the reading rather than trying to disect everything (not always successful at that effort). –Cheri


    • You and I Cheri–same idea. It might ruin the book if I find the writer made mistakes (jumped around in POV for example), but usually, I figure they’re successful enough to get away with it.


  5. Sui generis – unfortunately you can’t step in the same river twice. It’s the same for music, theatre, movies etc…sometimes the memory of that feeling is all that is necessary. Fold it up, put it in your pocket and have it at the ready when you need it.


    • You think music is in that category? I can listen to Pines of Rome over and over and never get tired of it. It’s got to do with how I feel when I’m wrapped up in the music. Movies–I agree. I rarely watch one twice. If I was you, it might be fun to watch a movie in different countries–see how each culture reacts to it. Me–I’m not a traveler. I’ll do that vicariously through you.


    • I’ve just recently started re-reading books, Anna. I read it the first time for the story and then for the skill of the writer. Some writers are so wonderful, I want to figure out what it is that they do so differently.

      I thought of something I’d like to know about your life in Alaska. I’ll hop on over to Anna’s Obsession and post my question.


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