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Technorati Finally Noticed Me!

I don’t know why. I’ve done nothing different. I write 3-4 blogs a week, chat with fellow bloggers, search out a few new ones every week, make sure my content is exciting and interesting. In short, I follow all the rules that should make for a great blog, but Technorati has consistently ranked me right around 25,000-ish with a 120-125 authority. That gets no one’s attention.

book salesThen, three things happened:

  • I checked my Technorati authority and found it up to 467. 467! Where’d that come from? I have no idea. With that, my ranking increased to 6967 (meaning dropped, meaning improved)
  • Amazon placed a massive order. By massive, I mean humongous–eight times my normal order. I’m a small press, so coming up with that volume became a daunting project. First, my printer broke. I bought a new printer. Then, I found out the cost of toner for my shiny new machine was well beyond what I had been paying on the six-year old printer. Producing my series of textbooks in gleaming  laser color had become cost-prohibitive. I had to outsource. That meant emails, phone calls, trips to printing houses, back and forth with proof copies, before finally, receiving the product. Paying for that many books ahead of sale (Amazon is
    holiday books

    Special offer

    consignment only) dug into my savings. That’ll be my Christmas present to myself, my husband, my dogs, probably even my kids. They better sell fast or… Well… Or what? What are my options? In fact, Amazon holds all the cards. They reserve the right to ship back to a seller any overage books at the seller’s cost. Argh.

  • Amazon promoted my books in one of their mass emails. Now I get it. That’s why they placed the big order. I hope everyone buys a set for Christmas. They make great gifts!

As a result, here’s what I did:

  • I reviewed the blurbs attached to Amazon, my Technorati listing and this blog. I hadn’t updated them for a while. Not surprising, things have changed, mostly my vision of what I’m doing here
  • I prepared a holiday special for book buyers. Buy a book, get the PDF free. That sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Only one task remains. Even if all the books sell, Amazon pays over a month in arrears. What will I do about Christmas?

Enjoy your holiday. I’m off to prepare!


2 thoughts on “Technorati Finally Noticed Me!

  1. Hi, Jacqui! This post brings to mind the old “careful what you wish for” thing. I am very happy for you, though, because visiblity is so important to us, even when our expenses increase as a consequence. I’m sure there will be a happy ending after all of your hard work, and I wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings! –Cheri


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